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Product: Web NMS
Category :Web NMS >> Server Framework
 #113449 - java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is: Connection refused

This exception might occur when a remote application tries to register itself as an observer/listener with the Web NMS server running in a Linux machine.

Cause :
When registering for observer/listener, the RMI Registry uses the IP address specified in /etc/hosts. If the entry in /etc/hosts of the server machine is of the form  <Server HostName> localhost.localdomain localhost

the Connect exception would occur.

Solution :
To solve this problem,

  • Stop the Web NMS server
  • Remove the <Server HostName> entry from /etc/hosts. The entry should only be  localhost.localdomain localhost
  • Restart the network of the server machine by executing the following commands from /etc/hosts/rc.d/init.d directory :
    ./network stop
    ./network start
  • Start the Web NMS server and connect the client.